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Roberto Enamorado ...
One of New York City's premiere multimedia artists and intergenerational communicators.

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"Empathy at the Javits Center"

Self-published author, poet, performer, composer, digital and multimedia artist, creating art to bring attention to and build community, from a lens of empathy.

Providing public speaking and instructional services remotely for Spanish-speaking audiences, in collaboration with nonprofits, private sector providers, business development entities, private businesses, local government, consulates, and the community overall.

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• Versatile, and culturally responsive bilingual English | Spanish educator with 20+ years of hands-on experience in community-based interpersonal relations initiatives, Organizational Development, Event Management and Community Building.


• Technology enthusiast, with interest in digital and creative trends such as: Multimedia Design, Freeware, Microsite Construction, Social Media, Website Content Production, Print-on-demand eCommerce, Email Marketing, Android OS, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Pen and Ink Drawing and Illustration, Photography, Videography, Creative Writing/Editing, Typography, Basic HTML, and Cloud Computing fundamentals.


• Coordinated, led and/or co-presented 50+ volunteer-based events and 200+ entrepreneurial workshops and seminars, for aspiring and established business owners. Organized educational and creative, mentorship and fitness activities/programs for children, teens and young adults ages 6-24. Delivered multiple presentations, and assisted, co-coordinated and/or led grassroots outreach, and instructed digital literacy trainings for individuals of 60+ years of age throughout the 5 boroughs of New York, including residents of New York City Housing Authority’s Mott Haven, Stapleton, Jefferson, Red Hook, and Queensbridge Houses - the largest public housing development in North America.

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About Roberto

Roberto Enamorado aka Roberto In Love has been engaging with the NYC community since he was a teenager through a variety of facets-including working in after-school programs, teen mentorship programs, assisting families in need of food-advocacy, grassroots activism, forging interprofessional and cross-functional collaborative strategies with local government agencies, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, foreign consulates, not-for-profits, educational institutions, workforce development entities, banks and private sector providers-and is currently focusing on multimedia artivism. 

Much of this was inspired by post-traumatic growth after recovering from Cancer, which brought him to learn about many avenues lucre is generated at the expense of the well-being of others. He is looking forward to exploring social entrepreneurship in tandem with original and collaborative art as tools for social change...

~Roberto Enamorado

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